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Next Features

Custom Rates per User/Team (Coming Soon)

Adds rates to calculate costs and project margins according to the workload calendars


Allows customers to perform transfers between contracts/accounts for better usage of contracted hours.

Transport Values

For recurring contracts, enables to transport amounts not used in a given period to be used in the next one.

Financial Report  (Coming Soon)

Shows the actual costs related to contracts and compare with the planned ones, calculating margins and forecasting

New Contract Types

In addition to managing hourly contracts, users will be able to manage and track contracts based on tickets and budget (monetary values).

Dashboard Gadgets 

Gets the most important charts from reports and creates gadgets to be used in Jira dashboards

Custom Report  (Coming Soon)

A report that users can configure to show the desired information, based on system queries provided

Allocation Matrix  (Coming Soon)

A visual map to show where teams are working and to identify idle time and bottlenecks

Extend Contracts

Allows users to extend contract duration to renew service packages, tracking the changes made.

Workload Calendars  (Coming Soon)

Create custom calendars to monitor individuals and team availability, holidays and vacations.

Feature Summary

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