Deliver with Efficiency & Profitability

Manage your services end to end optimizing efforts to deliver the best services to your customers.

Total Accountability

With MindPro Service Contract Management you know exactly who is working on what, when, where, how much effort is being spent on every activity, and how much it costs. Be always on top of service progress and never struggle with bottlenecks anymore. 

Efficient Cost Tracking

Stay on top of all costs involved in your operation. MindPro Service Contract Management gives you different ways to track rates, revenues, expenses, gross profit, and gross margin. Work smarter and increase your profitability!

Visibility:  a key for success

Make service manager's life's easier by showing them what matters most. Planned x Executed, Billable & Non-Billable, project costs... You can get everything connected and accessible with a few clicks for effective reporting.

Work Smartly

You do not need your Jira full of (expensive) apps that only perform a piece of the service journey, and which do not talk to each other, so you still have to use Excel to manually consolidate information. MindPro Service Contract Management works from contract creation to the worklogs to optimize your resources and operations.

Want to see the same benefits?

Mindpro helps modern companies do more and get the most of their Atlassian tools.

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